From the first day Beijing LICE Advertising Media Company founded, we strove to be the most local of the multinationals and the most international of the locals by investing in strong local insights and a deep understanding of Chinese consumers.
We have collaborated with Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Das Auto, Sina, IMS, Weibo, BMW. 
Implement company is different from ordinary activities, we are more focusing on the customer creation and management activities, from the brand assets research to market insight, activity tonality analysis, strategy, activity planning, naming and link creation. We are devoted to enhance the customer brand activities influenced both at home and abroad.

At LICE, we know how to engage with audiences. We are an integrated, creative, communications agency comprised of creative designers, writers, builders, planners and storytellers, catering to a wide range of industries in China including FMCG, luxury, Internet, fashion, hospitality, healthcare, technology, public affairs, automobile industry and corporate communications.
Everyone’s talking about it. A new era in marketing. People are engaging with each other but also with the brands and issues they care about in entirely new ways. Today, people are the ones telling the stories that were once told by brands and organizations. Welcome to the Engagement Era.

Oliver Peng

In 2001, the University of Lancaster (Lancaster University) a master's degree in management consultation, and enter the BSRIA in the same year (RIBA) headquarters, and to set up BSRIA in Asia Division in 2007, responsible for BSRIA management in the Asia Pacific region, commercial cooperation and market development.
Oliver Peng in the UK before and after nearly 20 years of study life, footprints all over the world more than 30 countries, often study the foreign art, design and creative market. During the period of Britain, a very good connection was established with architects and designers. He also has a deep understanding of the creative design industry in Britain and has led a consultancy and development project on the art derivatives industry in the UK. At the same time, it has a close relationship with the mainstream art platform in the UK and has a very deep experience in the Sino British art exchange and cooperation.

Levy Wang

Vice General Manager
Levy Wang has spent more than 14 years in advertising. He is focusing on providing online and offline integrated communication solutions. He has garnered a wealth of experience across a range of clients like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Das Auto, Sina.

Jason Wei

Vice General Manager
Jason Wei has more than 14-years experience in advertising. He usually worked in Blue Focus, DMG International Media. He is graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, which is the best art school in China. He has worked for a range of clients like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Das Auto, Sina.

Dave Shi

Project Director
Dave Shi is focusing on construction, AV, guests’ reception and schedule control. He has more than 8-years experience which includes Audi A8 and Jetta’s coming into the market, 2014 BMW China Culture Adventure and Sina Weibo Night.

Dean Yu

Vice General Manager
Dean Yu has 11-years experience in immersion marketing design, which includes the UCCA modern art space exhibition. He is graduated from Tsinghua University. He also provides the visual creation and construction design solution about offline activities for Audi、Mercedes-Benz、BMW、VW and Dior these kind of luxury brands.


Derrick Lee

Project Manager
Derrick Lee has spent 3 years in advertising, which includes Maxmara and Selected’s New Arrival Press Conference, MIXC
Christmas Festival, Sina Weibo Night and Rayli Model General Competition.